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We use a large amount of water inside the home for washing ourselves, our clothes, brushing our teeth, flushing toilets or cooking.

Explore different parts of your home to find out how to make small changes in your behaviour to use water more efficiently.

Before buying a new water using product for inside your home, check the manufacturer’s water efficiency labels. Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme allows consumers to compare the water efficiency of different products using a star rating system. You can save money on water and electricity bills and help the environment by buying more water efficient products!

  • Bath

    Discover how you can save litres of water every day just by changing a few habits in the bath!

  • Shower

    Uncover simple ways to reduce your water usage without sacrificing your cleanliness!

  • Taps

    Manage taps with these tips!

  • Toilets

    25% of all the water we use in the bathroom is flushed down the toilet. It's easy to reduce water wastage here!

  • Kitchen

    Cooking, cleaning and washing dishes uses a huge amount of water so see how to save more here!

  • Laundry

    15-20% of home water consumption is in the laundry, a high consumer of water, energy and detergents. Save them all here!