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The tools below have been developed to help you gain a better understanding of the way you use water in the home.

Spend a couple of minutes exploring the Blue House to discover how to use water efficiently in your home by making small changes in your behaviour and by choosing water efficient products.

Have a play with the Water Calculator to identify how much water you use in your home, compare your usage against your neighbour and find out how you can use less water and save money.

Designing a new garden? The Plant Finder helps you choose the right plants for your climate, soil type and plant type. Have an explore and discover how to design a beautiful, water efficient garden.

  • Blue House

    Spending two minutes in the Blue House helps you discover how easy it is to have a beautiful home whilst using water efficiently.

  • Plant Finder

    Redesigning your garden? Or just after some plants that need minimal water whilst looking beautiful in your garden. Discover what plants are right for your climate, soil type and maintenance level by exploring the Plant Finder.

  • Water calculators

    Explore each area of your home and calculate your water use. Compare your use against the average use in your area. Discover your water use goal and how to save.