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Discover how to use water efficiently

By making small changes in your behaviour and choosing water efficient products when you are shopping you can ensure you keep your water use efficient whilst still having a beautiful home and garden.

When choosing new water using products for inside your home be sure to look for a top star rating on the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. When choosing products for your garden look for the Smart Approved WaterMark.

Check out the resources below designed to provide you with some easy tips and advice to use water wisely in your home, garden and at work.

  • Home

    Discover ways to reduce your water wastage in various places in your home such as your kitchen, bathroom and laundry!

  • Garden

    Discover how to design a garden and how to water your garden efficiently!

  • Work

    Discover how to save water in different businesses!

  • Pool

    By using rainwater and an approved pool cover, it's possible to minimise the water wasted in your swimming pool!

  • Car

    There are many ways to clean cars without excessive water - check out options like waterless car washes and high pressure low-flow cleaners here!

  • Leaks

    Find out how to check if you have leaks and how to fix them!