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Here are 10 easy to follow tips on how to save water!

  1. Before watering your garden, check the weather forecast!
  2. Only water your plants in the morning or evening and use a trigger nozzle!
  3. When brushing your teeth or washing your hands, turn off the tap and save 5 litres of water per minute!
  4. At laundry time, always use a full load in the washing machine!
  5. When washing your car, use a bucket and a trigger nozzle on the grass, not the driveway!
  6. At shower time, use a timer to keep showers to a minimum!
  7. Think before you pull the plug! Could you rinse recyclables in that water or use the greywater safely on your garden?
  8. When buying new products, look for the Smart Approved WaterMark or a WELS star rating!
  9. Look out for leaks! Check that your water meter stops overnight!
  10. Fix dripping taps! A drip a second wastes 12,000 litres a year!