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Why should we use water efficiently?

Saving water helps our environment, the planet and our bank balance.

Watch Laura Wells, Environmental Advocate, explain why saving water is so important.

"Have you ever stopped to think how often you rely on water in every day life and how much you use? And what about the water that comes out of your taps…

And have you considered how climate, weather and population impact this water supply?

Let’s be honest, most of us take water for granted. We expect it to flow out of our taps day in day out and we rarely give it a second’s thought. But it’s a precious resource, and one we all need to use more wisely.

We all want to do the right thing, but life gets in the way and the problem’s not that big surely?

Well it is. And it’s why I’m going to give you three facts about water use, 3 facts about why efficiency matters and 3 easy ways you can easily change your water habits today.

  • Its better for the environment - by using water efficiently rivers keep flowing, dams stay full and groundwater supplies stay healthy for wildlife and plants.
  • Its better for the Planet - capturing, treating and pumping less water to our homes uses less energy.
  • Its better for the bank balance - reducing your water bills and by using less hot water, reduces your energy bills as well."

Discover ways to use water efficiently

  • Shower

    Uncover simple ways to reduce your water usage without sacrificing your cleanliness!

  • Pool

    By using rainwater and an approved pool cover, it's possible to minimise the water wasted in your swimming pool!

  • Watering

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