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Water efficient practices can save businesses money and water

There are many opportunities to reduce the water used in businesses across Australia. It may be on the production line, in the office or perhaps the kitchens and bathrooms of your workplace. Find out how you can use the right amount of water for your business here!

  • Manufacturing

    There are many opportunities to increase water efficiency in heavy manufacturing operations, without reducing production!

  • Food Processing

    Water efficiency in food processing results in cost savings and environmental benefits!

  • Building Industry

    There are benefits to water efficiency in construction and demolition - from houses to roadways and land development!

  • Nurseries

    An adequate supply of water is important and so is being water wise!

  • Commercial Laundries

    Non-residential laundries use large volumes of water with potential for cost savings and being water wise!

  • Hospitality

    The hospitality sector demonstrates that being water efficient saves money and gives a marketing edge in a very competitive industry!

  • Horticulture

    Discover how to use just the right amount of water in greenhouses, vegetable growing and orchards!

  • Viticulture

    Discover economic and agronomic benefits to being water efficient in the wine industry!

  • Textiles

    The Australian textile, clothing, leather and footwear uses about 50 gigalitres of water a year!