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Sovereign Hill is one of Victoria’s leading tourist attractions and outdoor museums. It attracts nearly 500,000 visitors each year, including around 120,000 school children.


Bradshaw St, Golden Point, VIC, 3350

Water Use:

Water is used for visitor facilities as well as various steam-driven and working exhibits. Around 20ML of water was used, peaking at 32ML in the early 2000s.


The company introduced systems for treatment such as a reverse osmosis recycling system in the steam plant. Quality control and optimal utilization of existing storm water runoff is managed by a hydro sieve, a device that removes impurities and expands storm water collection and storage capacity. Finally, Sovereign Hill made an effort to install a gross pollutant separator.


Sovereign Hill’s consumption has fallen by 44% since 2003 down to 12 ML and continues to decrease as further water-saving initiatives take effect.