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Sugar Australia is the nation’s leading supplier of quality refined sugar products. They market using the household name CSR Sugar.


265 Whitehall St, Yarraville, VIC, 3013

Water Use:

During the phosphatation process, a by-product containing calcium phosphate and completely dissolved solids including dissolved sugar is created, which, at the time, was discharged to sewer as trade waste. Sugar Australia embarked on a project to remove calcium phosphate from the trade waste at their Yarraville refinery.


It was necessary to remove dissolved solids (specifically calcium phosphate) from the trade waste in order to be able to reuse the water. Therefore a centrifuge decanter was installed to separate significant amounts of water from the solids.


Water savings of 13ML per annum, 188 tonnes of completely dissolved solids per year not discharged to sewer, 51 tonnes of phosphate per year not discharged to sewer, 3,000 tonnes of phosphate cake per year sent for composting, significant amount of sugar recovered and reused and 16 million litres of trade waste avoided.

Total Project Cost: