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It’s been described as award winning, cost effective and cutting edge. When Mackay Regional Council in North Queensland introduced smart metering, it was to help slow investment demands. However, they also found that it changed their community’s culture of water use with 'myh2o.'


The installation of smart meters has given residents quick access to their water consumption data, which they are able to access through the ‘myh2o’ website. The website allows residents to receive notifications on water use and potential leaks, via email or SMS, prompting customers to engage in more water efficient behaviour. 14,300 consumers have signed up for the program, resulting in significant increase in the level of customer engagement.

Utilising the data Mackay Regional Council had also been able to produce highly targeted communications and educational campaigns aimed at preventing leaks and reducing outdoor water use. For example Mackay Regional Council now know that people with pools use around 20% more water than people without and can directly target this group of customers with relevant and useful information.

About Mackay Regional Council

Water and Waste is a commercialised business unit of Mackay Regional Council. Their region extends across 7000 square kilometres, encompassing many different communities. In order to reliably supply water to these communities, water is sourced from 4 rivers and 42 bores.